Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Changsha Park and the Embroidery Museum and Factory

Today has been so much better. Jaidyn has come out of her shell more and showing more of her personality. She is very smart and asks lots of questions to our Guide Amy. We went to the Changsha Park.  is the entrance to the park. everything is decorated for Chinese New Years.

Jaidyn loved the park. She rode the carousel and bumper cars and had so much fun. This was the first time she has ever had this experience. 
We went with another family and she loves the little boy named Mason. She as become friends with him and talks to him constantly. Mason said that he wished he could speak Mandarin and talk with her. 

Jaidyn would not let me take any pictures of her by herself and wanted Mason in all the pictures with her. I tried to sneak some pictures but she was watching me very closely and would move as soon as she saw the camera in her direction. She has alot of personality and she is really funny at times. 

She finally let me have a picture taken with her! 

Jaidyn is feeding a Koi fish with a bottle. She kept saying "come eat little fish so you can grow taller!" She was so cute!
 Jaidyn loved feeding the fish! She kept talking to them and
 telling them to come eat and grow taller.

We also went to the embroidery Museum and factory. Changsha is famous in China for the embroidery and it is very detailed and beautiful. Some of the pieces take 6 months or 2-3 years to complete. 

 Jaidyn with Mason's family standing in front of beautiful embroidery artwork.

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  1. Beautiful area in China - we've never had the pleasure of visiting there - but somehow I think on our return trip we'll have a long list of places to see!

    hugs - aus and co.