Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind the Times: Year in Review

2012 has been a long and hard year which is why I am behind the times. I have not kept up with blogging like I wanted to and I have missed it. So I am posting pictures and descriptions of all the happenings of 2012.From Jaidyn's adjustment, Jordyn's surgeries, and Anna moving out to college... Hopefully, I wont leave anything out! Well, half the year.
August...Jordyn had surgery for her nose revision and lip revision. She missed a few days at the start of school but she recovered well. Surgery is always so hard to go through with your child and it breaks my heart to see her in pain. She also had her eardrum reconstructed in October. Her ear has healed very quickly and she is already starting to hear out of it. I am so thankful for her quick recovery. She started drill team this year in the 6th grade and absolutely loves to perform. She is so strong because she went straight into drill team after both surgeries.
Beautiful Jordyn after her game.

Jordyn is ready to DANCE!

Jordyn with her team!

Jordyn performs after having surgery. 

Anna on the Patriette Dance team her first semester of college.
Anna moved into college in August and let me just say this Momma did not deal well. I am so proud of all her accomplishments and how much she has grown into a young woman. But, I was not ready to let her go! And she was in the same area only 1 hour away. Still, it was HARD. I cant imagine if she moved out of state.
Anna with her Patriette team! 

Yes...I am one PROUD Momma!

Happy Halloween from my little monsters!Jaidyn loved dressing up as Mario. She still wears the  costume  as pajamas.
This was her first Halloween and she had tons of fun. 

Jailynn and Noah.

Amanda was a zombie and she did her own make up. Yes we let our kids dress up for Halloween and we go to the  local fall festivals. I know. Please don't judge me. I am not a perfect mother or christian. That is my disclaimer. I admire the families that set limits and don't participate. 

I think I have a model on my hands and actress!

Jailynn is such  a wonderful big sister. She loves Jaidyn and Noah.

Jaidyn had a fun day at six flags!

Noah, JonMarc, Jaidyn and Jailynn at Six flags

JonMarc and Dad behind us on the Old Time Cars. They think they are Gangsters!

Jaidyn is having the most fun...can you tell?

Yes...that is me... on a cruise with Tim in November. We needed some quality time together .

Posing in Cozumel

Yes, I took pics of the cute little towel animals.

Last day and ready to get home to our kids. We really missed them!

Merry Christmas!

Holiday in the Park! Anna spending time with Jaidyn on the Carousel..Yes... I was riding it with them too!

Jaidyn's most FAVE ride. She must have rode it at least a dozen times!

My Fave pics of Jailynn and Jaidyn!

Look how happy Jaidyn is! She has come so far in one year. 

Noah and Jaidyn are almost too big for this!

All my beautiful girls!!

Another Fave pic!

Amanda is another model on my hands!

Baking Christmas cookies.

So there you have a partial year in review. We had tons of fun spending time together as a family. Jaidyn is a different girl one year later. She is still having a hard time at school but she is still learning so many new things including still learning English. She is a huge blessing to us and I love her more everyday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jaidyn's Summer of Fun

Jaidyn and Noah's first time to play on the water slides.

Noah enjoys playing in the water!

Jaidyn practicing her swimming moves.

Jailynn on the waterslide

Amanda takes Jaidyn down the lazy river.

Everyone in the lazy river....wait for a quick picture!!

There they go...

JonMarc hides from Mom and the camera!

A quick pose from Jailynn and Jaidyn...boys are too busy having fun
to take a picture.

Amanda with baby nephew Jonah. He is tired of the water and ready for a  nap.

Jaidyn and Jailynn in Galveston.

Big sister helping with her arm floaties.

Jaidyn loves playing in the water.

Building sand castles or burying the dump truck in the sand??

Grandpa takes everyone to the lake....time out for watermelon.

Jaidyn had the most fun this summer filled with new experiences.... playing at the waterpark, waterslides, lazy river of fun, hanging out at the park, playing at the lake, building sandcastles, and jumping the waves at the ocean (Galveston) for the first time.

                                          Just as the sun is setting....summer is ending.
All too soon, the first day of school is here.
Jaidyn has her first day of 2nd grade and Noah's first day of Kindergarten.
Where did the time go???

Jaidyn loves school and riding the school bus. Noah had so much fun at schoolthat he slept with his back pack every night this week.