Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jaidyn's Summer of Fun

Jaidyn and Noah's first time to play on the water slides.

Noah enjoys playing in the water!

Jaidyn practicing her swimming moves.

Jailynn on the waterslide

Amanda takes Jaidyn down the lazy river.

Everyone in the lazy river....wait for a quick picture!!

There they go...

JonMarc hides from Mom and the camera!

A quick pose from Jailynn and Jaidyn...boys are too busy having fun
to take a picture.

Amanda with baby nephew Jonah. He is tired of the water and ready for a  nap.

Jaidyn and Jailynn in Galveston.

Big sister helping with her arm floaties.

Jaidyn loves playing in the water.

Building sand castles or burying the dump truck in the sand??

Grandpa takes everyone to the lake....time out for watermelon.

Jaidyn had the most fun this summer filled with new experiences.... playing at the waterpark, waterslides, lazy river of fun, hanging out at the park, playing at the lake, building sandcastles, and jumping the waves at the ocean (Galveston) for the first time.

                                          Just as the sun is setting....summer is ending.
All too soon, the first day of school is here.
Jaidyn has her first day of 2nd grade and Noah's first day of Kindergarten.
Where did the time go???

Jaidyn loves school and riding the school bus. Noah had so much fun at schoolthat he slept with his back pack every night this week.


  1. Oh loved seeing all of these pics _ so much fun!!!

  2. So glad to see EVERYONE is doing so well! Great pictures!