Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jaidyn's First Night Home

Finally....A long over due post. Pictures from Jaidyn's first night at home and meeting her big sisters. We came home to a fabulously clean and reorganized home thanks to big sisters Anna, Amanda, and our family friend Stephanie and Emerald. We were shocked by all they had done to make our homecoming perfect...welcome home gifts for everyone, Christmas tree up and ready to be decorated,  clean & organized home (trust me when I say it had been sorely neglected), groceries in the fridge, dinner cooked and Christmas cookies were baked. We were so blessed and had such a sweet reunion of finally being all together in our own home. I did not expect all that was done for us and it meant more than words can say because that meant so much less stress for me and Tim.
Jaidyn was very sleepy and in a state of shock at first but she came around quickly. Jaidyn's first week went very smoothly. She has a happy disposition and laughs...ALOT. She just laughs and finds so many things funny. I think she has a very good sense of humor. She has taken to Noah and loves to play with him. Jaidyn is bonding and attaching to everyone and we are so blessed to have her.


  1. Hey guys - thanks for the update!! What a great homecoming for you guys! So glad that things went well - just wow!

    Happy New Year to all y'all!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. So glad all is well, and you finally had time to post! lol ;o) I've been stalking your blog regularly hoping for pics. Everyone looks so happy and content.
    Congratulations sweet Momma.